140Mkr – 336Mkr ARR 36 månader (Justin Shelton)

"My name is Justin Shelton. I'm the vice president with Noland's Roofing, Inc. We're a local business here out of Claremont, Florida, naturally recognized as the top 100 roofing contractors over the last five years in a row. 

I just wanted to come here and say that since we've joined up with Max Perzon our leads have not only increased tremendously, but also we have seen up to 75% savings for the cost of leads.

One of the best part about the leads that were provided through max is the fact that these are actually people that are looking for our services specifically for roofing, unlike many other big box companies that say they provide good leads that are just people that have shopped around, but with Max's leads, you're going to get good quality leads that are actually going to drive your business in a way that you hoped and prayed for when you spent the money with the other companies.

So once again, I had the recommend that you sign up with max and use him today is it will help your business from endlessly.


- Justin Shelton, Vice President Noland's Roofing